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负责的部门 信息技术部
负责人员(s) 副总裁兼首席信息官, 副校长兼大学隐私官
主要受众 教师
状态 活跃的
有效使用日期 07-24-2016
最后审核日期 07-05-2018
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Updated: 7/5/18 (approved language to incorporate 明确自愿同意 where consent is required; and to grant data subjects the right of review and the right to request corrections); 4/15/18 (providing contact information); 7/24/2016


宝博游戏大厅正版(“妞妞,或“学校”)尊重每位访问妞妞网站的个人隐私. This privacy notice outlines the information that 妞妞 websites and online forms may collect and how that information may be processed.

几个大学服务器和应用程序支持妞妞网站和在线表格. Some servers or sites hosted by Northern Illinois University may adopt different privacy notices that go beyond the parameters set forth in this document, 根据他们的具体需要. 然而, those servers or sites cannot adopt privacy policies or practices that in any way supersede federal or state laws or regulations, 牛牛理事会规章制度, 和/或这一政策. Any discrepancy between the information presented here and the official Bylaws and 规定 of the 宝博游戏大厅正版 and the policies and procedures of Northern Illinois University is not intended to and does not alter or amend the official Bylaws, 规定, 政策或程序. 妞妞保留在任何时候修改本政策的权利,并将在此地点张贴未来修改的文件.


  • 妞妞网站定义为托管在域名“www”下的公开可访问页面.妞妞.Edu,“任何结尾的网页地址”.妞妞.edu,,或由妞妞员工或部门或单位维护的妞妞IP地址范围内的任何网站, 在各自的就业范围内从事活动的.
  • 在线表单被定义为呈现给web浏览器的页面,允许实时和在线提交数据. 在线表格不包括必须打印以便以后提交的文件副本.


Anyone with questions or concerns about 妞妞's policies and procedures regarding the protection of personal data may email the University Privacy Officer at PrivacyOfficer@妞妞.edu. 有关妞妞社区成员隐私权的更多信息,请查看 妞妞隐私政策.


Northern Illinois University uses websites and online forms for business purposes and is committed to fostering and protecting the privacy of personal data.


妞妞网站和在线表格不会收集个人身份信息(个人数据), 如名称, address, 电话号码, 或电子邮件地址,除非提供的信息 明确自愿同意. 任何人如不希望收集个人资料,不应自愿提供.


个人资料可能会被处理 没有明确的同意 当需要:

  1. 数据当事人为当事人之一的合同的履行;
  2. 遵守作为数据控制人的妞妞所承担的法律义务;
  3. 保护数据主体或其他自然人的切身利益;
  4. to perform a task in the public interest or is an exercise of official authority vested in 妞妞 as the data controller; or
  5. 基于妞妞作为数据控制人所追求的合法利益 除非 这些利益与其他利益相平衡,并被其他利益所凌驾, 基本权利, 或数据主体的基本自由.

Individual units of Northern Illinois University may also collect and process personal data in accordance with their unit's specific privacy notice and policy. 如上所述, 这些单位可能会采用超出本文档所述参数的不同隐私通知和政策, 但这些政策或做法可能不会被取代 联邦 or 状态 法律或法规、牛校董会章程或本政策通知.

在某些情况下,可能存在无法识别个人身份的信息 自动收集和/或记录. 例如, 访问者浏览器的信息, 操作系统, IP地址, and the domain name of sites that are linked to the 妞妞 website serves the legitimate interest of 妞妞 and the needs of the majority of users by:

  • personalizing the user experience; or
  • assisting with troubleshooting and diagnoses if there are problems with servers; or
  • producing important statistics on how often pages are visited; or
  • 检测安全漏洞,保障妞妞计算资源安全.


个人资料只会用于合法的商业用途. 所收集的数据必须是直接相关的,并且是达到指定目的所必需的. 从妞妞网站或在线表格收集的个人资料可能会被用于:

  1. to fulfill an order or request; or
  2. 协助更好地了解访客的需求, thereby allowing 妞妞 to improve services; or
  3. 回复或联系用户.


妞妞网站和在线表格的使用受所有适用的州和联邦法律的约束, 以及所有相关的大学和校园政策. 学校的惯例是不与校外人士分享任何个人信息. 然而, when circumstances arise for the need to share information gathered from its computing resources within the 妞妞 IP Address space, 大学可分享如下内容:

  • Authorized and/or mandated by law; or
  • Permitted under University policies; or
  • Authorized by an approved Northern Illinois University contract; or
  • Clearly stated at a University Web site that such information will be shared and the user explicitly granted informed consent; or
  • 在其他情况下给予知情同意.


所有资料当事人均有权在牛研中心查阅和审核其个人资料. 此外, data subjects have the right to request corrections to their personal data by contacting the unit who collected the information or by emailing PrivacyOfficer@妞妞.edu. 希望删除个人数据的自然人和在世人士可通过电子邮件联系妞妞的隐私官 PrivacyOfficer@妞妞.edu.



The 信息技术部 (DoIT) has taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of its communications and computing infrastructure, 包括但不限于身份验证, 监控, 审计, 和加密. 安全措施已经集成到设计中, implementation and day-to-day practices of the entire University operating environment as part of its continuing commitment to risk management. 然而, 此类活动不应被解释为对未经授权违反/失败这些安全措施的任何保证.


当访问者访问妞妞网站时, 一些信息可能以“cookie”或类似文件的形式存储在他们的计算机上. Cookie帮助网络作者定制网站,以更好地匹配用户的兴趣和偏好. 大多数互联网浏览器, 用户可以改变用户偏好来删除硬盘上的cookie, 块饼干, 或者让它提示用户接受或拒绝存储cookie. 大多数浏览器帮助文件都有关于如何设置cookie的用户首选项的详细说明.

按照 伊利诺斯州机构网站法案, 妞妞 websites will not use permanent cookies or any other invasive tracking programs that monitor and track website viewing habits, 除非符合下列条件:

  1. 永久cookie的使用为用户增加了价值;
  2. The permanent cookies are not used to monitor and track website viewing habits unless all types of information collected and the University's 使用 that information add user value and are disclosed through a comprehensive online privacy statement.



该大学的许多单位都提供聊天室, 论坛, 留言板, 和其他在线团体为他们的用户. Any information that is disclosed in these areas may become public information and a user should therefore exercise caution when deciding to disclose one's 个人信息 in such places. 聊天会话和论坛可能被记录.

此外,随时都有大量的在线调查在牛津网站上进行. Persons responsible for conducting online surveys that collect personally identifiable information (PII) must clearly state at the survey site the extent to which 任何信息 provided will be shared or protected. Aggregated and anonymized data from surveys may be shared with external third parties in ways that do not compromise privacy.


北伊利诺伊大学承诺完全遵守 儿童网络隐私保护法. 相应的, 如果妞妞网站的用户年龄在13岁以下, such user is not authorized to provide 妞妞 with personally identifying information and the University will not use any such information in its database or other data collection activities. Users under the age of thirteen and their parents or guardians are otherwise cautioned that the collection of 个人信息 volunteered by unauthorized children online or by email will be treated in the same way as information given by an adult until the University becomes aware that the user is under the age of thirteen and such information may be subject to public access.



此信息不应被解释为以任何方式提供业务, 法律, 或其他建议, 或作为对未经授权的妞妞计算资源的入侵/故障的保证, 通过妞妞网站提供的信息的安全性. 妞妞网站的访问受以下条款和条件的约束. Please read these terms carefully as 使用 the 妞妞 web site constitutes acceptance of all of the following terms and conditions.


在任何情况下,美国牛校董事会和/或北伊利诺伊大学均不允许, 所属部门/单位及员工, 负责任, 直接或间接, 因任何原因或与之有关而造成的损害或损失, 使用, 或依赖, 任何信息, 产品, 或通过妞妞网站提供的服务. 牛校董事会和/或北伊利诺伊大学, 所属部门/单位及员工, 不承担责任, 不要承担责任, 任何不正当或不正确使用妞妞网站的行为. 本免责声明适用于任何损害或损失, 包括但不限于因任何履约失败造成的损失, 错误, 遗漏, 中断, 删除, 缺陷, 运行或传输的延迟, 计算机病毒, 通信线路故障, 盗窃、破坏或未经授权的访问, 蚀变的, 或使用记录, 是否违约, 曲折的行为, 疏忽, 或因其他诉讼原因.

Users of the 妞妞 web site should be aware that periodic changes may be made to the information provided on the 妞妞 web site. 也, users should be cautious about information from the 妞妞 web site that is obtained through sources other than 妞妞 web pages, 因为电子数据/信息在原始分发后可能被更改或过时.


Although the information/data found using the 妞妞 web site have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, 没有保修, 明示或默示, 是关于准确性的, 充分性, 完整性, 合法性, 信息的可靠性或有用性. 此免责声明适用于信息的单独和聚合使用. 北伊利诺伊大学以“现状”为基础提供这些信息. 所有种类的保证, 明示或默示, 包括但不限于隐含的适销性保证, 适合于特定目的, freedom from contamination by 计算机病毒es and non-infringement of proprietary rights are specifically and generally disclaimed.


妞妞网站可以提供到由第三方维护的互联网网站的链接, 这些都是妞妞无法控制的. 妞妞不代表任何特定的链接将在任何给定的时间在线并发挥作用. 当用户离开妞妞网站并访问另一个网站时, 用户受该新站点的隐私政策的约束. 用户有责任评估从其他网站获得的信息的内容和有用性. 妞妞不认可该内容, 运营商, 产品, 或此类网站的服务, 牛校董事会和北伊利诺伊大学不承担任何责任, 直接或间接, 因使用或依赖任何此类外部内容而造成或与之相关的任何损害或损失, 产品, 或通过此类外部网站提供的服务. 此政策仅适用于妞妞网站收集的信息.


妞妞鼓励并允许链接到妞妞网站上发布的内容. 然而, any linking should not (1) implicitly or explicitly suggest that the 妞妞 董事会 or 妞妞 promotes or endorses any third party's causes, 的想法, 网站内容, 产品或服务, 或(2)将妞妞内容用于不适当的商业目的. 校董会保留取消任何链接许可的权利.


上述免责声明的解释及其争议的解决受伊利诺伊州法律管辖. 美国伊利诺斯州的法律.S.A. 应适用于本数据/信息的所有使用和妞妞网站. 通过使用妞妞网站及其包含的任何数据/信息, 使用者同意其使用应符合所有适用的法律法规及相关大学政策, 用户不得侵犯任何第三方的权利.